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Service Learning

Service Learning Grades 9-12

One of the graduation requirements for the Seattle School District is 60 hours of service-learning. Service-learning is giving time, without pay, to a non-profit or government agency. Service-learning allows students to learn and to apply academic, social, and personal skills through real hands-on activities. Students make a difference and address authentic community needs. As part of service learning, students are asked to reflect and report on their experiences.

Summer hours that your student completes that meet the service-learning requirement can be counted toward the 60-hour graduation requirement, except for incoming freshmen who can claim only 15 service learning hours in the summer before they start at The Center School. 

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Reminders and FAQs

Important Service Learning Reminders: Service Learning involves learning, benefiting the community and a written reflection.  Service Learning must be done at a non-profit or governmental organization, the work must be unpaid, and your supervisors must be an adult. If you have any questions, see your Counselor before you start your Service Learning. Current Service Learning opportunities for the month are posted outside the TCS Counselor Office.

  • Who can sign my Service Learning Documentation Form?
    A supervisor or site contact from a non-profit or governmental organization must sign your Service Learning Documentation Form. A family member or peer cannot sign your Service Form.
  • Where do I turn in my Service Hours Documentation?
    Fully completed Service Learning Documentation should be turned in to registrar, Tracey Lott Be sure to attach a Service Learning Documentation Form to any paperwork (for example, letters, certificates) that you might be given as well during your Service Learning.
  • When must I turn in my Service Hours Documentation?
    Fully completed Service Hours Documentation is must be submitted to the TCS by Friday, May 14m 2021  in order to meet your Service Learning graduation requirement.
  • What is the Service Hours Requirement for Graduation?
    The Service Learning graduation requirement for Seattle Public Schools (SPS) is 60 hours for students entering SPS in 9th grade . For students entering SPS in 10th grade, the requirement is 45 hours of Service Learning; 30 hours of Service Learning if entering SPS in 11th grade15 hours of Service Learning if entering SPS in 12th grade .
  • How will I know if I’ve completed the Service Learning Requirement?
    Once a student has met the 60-hour requirement, notification of completion will appear as “Service Learning Completed P” on their transcript.