The Center School

The Center School


About The Center School

Mission and Vision Statement

Our mission is to empower and inspire all students to positively impact our world. We provide a high-quality arts integrated college prep curriculum and an academic program that prepares all students for continuing educational pursuits or post-secondary employment.


We learn in a creative, compassionate and thinking community where we agree to be here now, respect all, put learning first and leave it better. Our students develop 21st Century skills in order to develop and express ideas, engage with perseverance, observe and reflect on their work, stretch and explore beyond their supposed limitations.

School Overview

The Center School offers a rich academic program enhanced through its focus on the arts and its location in the heart of Seattle’s cultural and arts community.

Our academic program is a college prep program with a career-centered professional lens that emphasizes high standards for all students, using best instructional practices including inquiry-based and project-based curriculum and performance-based assessments, along with internship and career explorations for professional transitions into higher education enrollments, employment or internships.

The core academic program includes Humanities, Math, Arts, Science and Spanish.

By building a sense of community, supporting students to achieve at higher levels, and constantly reflecting on how we work with students, The Center School continues to increase student college-prep academic preparation and career-centered learning opportunities beyond the high school experience.

Arts Experience

All elective courses are arts-infused and career ladder-based and emphasize student innovation and creativity.

The arts experience is enhanced through partnerships with local artists and arts organizations such as the Seattle Repertory Theatre, Vera Project, Seattle Children’s Theater, Pottery Northwest, Pacific Science Center and other Center Programs. The arts experience is supported across the curriculum with visual arts integrated in core academic classes and career-centered experiences.

Special Education

We also offer a special education autism continuum inclusion program and general education inclusion, Access and Resource placements for students with special needs. Advanced Placement courses are offered in Biology, Environmental Science, Calculus, Statistics, Drawing and Painting and in English Language and Composition.


  • Arts-focused public high school located in the Seattle Center 
  • Small learning community with an average student:teacher ratio of 19:1
  • Increased graduation requirements in core academic classes across the curriculum
  • Block scheduling for in-depth course delivery
  • Inquiry-based curriculum for math and science
  • AP offerings in AP classes in Language Arts, Math and Science
  • Four-year integrated humanities program
  • Two-year integrated science program
  • Community partnerships with a variety of local organizations
  • Digital film/video program
  • Clubs and groups: ASB, Model United Nations, Film Society, SAGA (LGBTQ+), Theater Club, Gaming Club, Zine Team, Yearbook, and many more!

With fewer than 300 students in grades 9-12, the school offers personalized instruction. Courses of study are designed with the expectation that all students will continue on to post-secondary education or directly into the workforce. While some students may pursue a career in performing or fine arts or technical work, all students will graduate with an appreciation for the contribution of the arts to our culture.

Students come from all over the city (via a free Metro pass) to create a close-knit, diverse community. Located just north of downtown, TCS is convenient to the residential communities of Queen Anne/Magnolia, Fremont/Wallingford, West Seattle/Beacon Hill, and the commercial and business centers of South Lake Union, Belltown, and Downtown Seattle.

The urban community, just a few blocks from the waterfront, is rich in educational and cultural opportunities. Partnerships with neighboring corporate and arts organizations provide enrichment for students through performances and internships. Parent involvement is evident and welcomed in every facet of the school.