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Fundraising and Donations

2022-23 Annual Fund

Donate online to help build our school!

The Center School is a unique community with a small group of dedicated teachers and students from all over the school district. The Center School seeks to extend learning beyond the classroom and involve our students in the city and world beyond.

To help support that effort, the CSCA seeks additional funds from families twice a year. The Annual Fund in the fall and the auction in the spring are the primary way the Center School Community Association raises money.

You can donate now using the donate button below. You have the option of choosing a one-time or monthly donation. You do not need a Paypal account to donate. Thank you!

InvestED Donations

If you would like to donate funds that go directly to Center School students, please consider donating to InvestED.

To donate:

  1. Go to the InvestED website
  2. Click on the blue button Give Now
  3. Designate your gift amount
  4. Click Proceed with Payment
  5. Complete the payment information (you will be able to designate Center School as the recipient)

100% of the donated funds go directly to students’ needs such as school supplies, test fees, household goods, etc.