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    More than a Scholarship — A Partnership | Seattle Colleges Seattle Promise tuition free college education

    What is Seattle Promise? 
    Seattle Promise launched in 2018 to create more equitable higher education opportunities for Seattle public school graduates.

    The program is a promise to:

    1. Guide students onto a direct path from high school to college to earn a degree or certificate and enter the workforce or transfer to a four-year college or university;
    2. Boost career opportunities for all students, especially first-generation and under-served populations; and,
    3. Prepare students to participate in our region's vibrant workforce and economy without taking on overwhelming debt.

    The program provides the first two years (or up to 90 credits) of tuition, additional financial support for books, transportation, housing, etc. to those with financial need, and personal guidance to succeed in college. All Seattle public high school graduates are eligible regardless of grade point average (GPA), income, or country of birth.

    How can I apply? 

    1. Submit the Promise Application                                                                   Deadline: Feb 1st, 2021
    2. Submit College Admission Application (North, South, or Central)                    Deadline: Feb 1st, 2021 
    3. Submit FAFSA/WASFA Application                                                               Deadline: Apr 15th, 2021

    Need any assistance with the FAFSA/WASFA and Promise/College Application? 

    Attend an upcoming application workshop where facilitators will walk you through the application process step by step. 

    You can also reach out to our Seattle Promise Outreach Specialist at TCS! 


    Savannah Daniels(she/her )

    Outreach SpecialistSeattle Promise Scholarship 

    Work Cell: 206-661-8473|Make an appointment with me |Join me on Wednesdays from 12:30-2 PM for student drop-in hours! 

    Recorded Info Session

    Watch our Recorded Info Session about Seattle Promise with Ms. Daniels!  


    Milestone will help you keep track of what you need to do! 

    Seattle Promise Milestones  Apply 1 Complete Seattle Promise Application 2 Complete admissions 3 Complete financial aid application  Prepare 4 Participate in Readiness Academy 5 Graduate from Seattle Public High School 6 Participatr in Summer Bridge  Start Start as a first yeare Promise scholar 8 Complete financial aid application and class registration for second year 9 Start as a second year promise scholar  Graduate 10 Graduate and begin your career or bachelor's degree program