Feb 9th – Center Field Day Schedule

Field Day Schedule

Wednesday Schedule

8:55-9:10 = Go to your MASH to receive your workshop assignments

9:10-9:50 = Pasta tower competition! 

9:50-10:00 = Passing period, go to workshop #1

10:00-11:40 = Workshop #1

11:40-12:40 = Lunch

12:40-12:50 = Passing period, go to workshop #2

12:50-2:30 = Workshop #2


Session 1 WorkshopsWorkshop LeadSupervisorRoom #
Breaking Down Fatphobia in HealthcareRomanMs. Janet and Ms. Crane353
Writing as Social ChangeBayla (The Nook)Ms. Carroll and Senora Cooke460
Education thru ZinesTCS Alum Danya FlingMs. Neel and Mr. Colin369
Ocean Documentary (Seaspiracy)Sophia (OEE)Mr. Sidman454
TCS MiniMUN ConferenceMason (MUN)Mr. Chipps355
Sex, Vaccines and Porn is not Sex EdCelia and MarsMs. Beverly and Ms. Wyn365
Close US Concentration Camps! Protesting Deportation and Detention with Tsuru for SolidarityMaddie + Julie (RJA)Ms. Wong and John456
Music is Life: Creativity in the Digital AgeMr. WolkDougComputer lab
How Youth Can Join the Fight for Racial JusticeNAACP Youth CouncilMr. Greenberg & Mr. Inglis458
Self-DefenseMr. ScillettaN/ACommons
Poetry: Reading and WritingSimon WolfDr. Grays and Mr. McLaneArt room
Session 2 WorkshopsWorkshop LeadSupervisorRoom #
The History of VampiresAndy + WillaMs. Crane and Ms. Carroll460
Embroidery, etcSenora CookeN/A353
ImprovMs. BeverlyN/ALoft 4
Shrinky DinksMs. JanetN/AArt room
Storytelling thru ZinesTCS alum Danya FlingMs. Neel and John369
Anime Watch PartyVilkasMr. Inglis and Mr. Sidman456
LARPingMr. Chipps and Mr. ColinN/A355/commons and outside
Crochet BasicsMaddie and NidMs. Wyn and Ms. Wong365
OC GallerySumner and RidleyMr. Wolk and Doug458
Self-DefenseMr. ScillettaN/A454
Airplanes go ZOOOM! – info-dumping session Adrian and JudeMr. McLane and Dr. GraysComputer lab