The Center School

Course Registration 2023-2024 

Welcome! Course registration for the 2023-2024 school year is now open! Please follow the directions below according to your status in Seattle Public Schools. Core classes will be chosen for you according to graduation requirements and course sequences. The counselor and registrar will make sure that you are placed in the correct core classes.  

For CURRENT SPS students:  

  • Log into The Source 
  • Click on Course Registration  
  • Follow the directions in the course registration portal 
    Your core classes will be chosen for you based on the course sequence. You will be choosing electives only.  

For RUNNING START students: Please register as if you were taking all your classes at TCS. Once your Running Start registration is processed then Ms. Hayes will work with you to update your TCS schedule.  

For students NEW to SPS: Please complete the registration form

Helpful Resources:

For questions contact:  

Michele Hayes, Counselor 

Tracey Lott, Registrar and Administrative Assistant