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    Immunization Information For Graduates
    Posted on 05/10/2020


    Information for Graduates

    Last reviewed May 1, 2020

    The following general Information has been compiled and provided by the department of Health Services at Seattle Public Schools. Contact your healthcare provider for specific information.


    Not sure if you are up to date on your immunizations? Need to fill immunizations? Contact Karen Boudour via email at, or via text at 206 390-3355. Karen will offer free immunizations to Senior students during office hours in June.

    Graduating from high school will bring enough challenges. Don’t let missing vaccines and getting a vaccine-preventable disease add to them. Planning now allows you to be ready for your new life at work or college.

    As a new graduate why do you need to care about your immunizations?

    Don’t assume that you have already had all of your immunizations just because you were attending a public high school. Even if your parents or guardians had been following the standard immunization schedule, state vaccine laws do vary, so you may have missed some.

    To be sure you have had all of your recommended vaccines, talk to your healthcare provider or School Based Health Center (SBHC) staff and compare your immunization record against the latest immunization schedule from the CDC. You can likely get a copy of your shot record from:

    Since most colleges and many employers will require your immunization record, it’s a good idea to make sure it is up-todate well before you graduate high school. If you can’t find your immunization records, you may need to have blood tests to verify that you are immune or have some vaccine doses repeated.

    Does Seattle Public Schools maintain copies of your immunization record?

    Starting in April 2017, all immunization records for students were maintained solely in the WAIIS as an electronic record and no longer stored at your school. 

    How can you get a copy of your immunizations?

    Students who are 18 or older can register with MyIR ( and access all records on file with WAIIS.

    Students who are under 18 years old can have their parent/guardian register for a MyIR account to obtain the records.

    Learn More: Keeping Protected Throughout Adult Life

    Vaccination recommendations for adults change over time. A good source of information about what you need is your healthcare provider or the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).