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    April 10 update from Dr. Casey
    Posted on 04/11/2020
    Dr. Casey

    Good evening Center School Community,

    This is Dr. Casey, your Principal reaching out to the TCS community to provide news on what’s happening in the new learning experiences for students. I was in an Administration meeting yesterday with Superintendent Juneau who started the meeting saying, “ There are so many unknowns as we navigate through the rest of this school year” and her quote continues to resonate for everyone collectively as we work to understand the knowns in how we create the new normal in providing learning opportunities and engagements for your students.  That these learning experiences are labelled as optional and ungraded is due to the realities that are being faced in all school communities around the issues of equity and access for students. Technology concerns in terms of students having access to District lap top computers and wi-fi connections is real for many of our students at The Center School. For our students and families, I would like to ask your support of your students in completing the work that is presented by your teachers. Students, it is within your high school experience that you are now understanding the importance and accountability of learning and how your learning allows you to create a platform of preparation for next steps for next courses and future life choices in navigating your educational journey.

    For seniors, the District is working to ensure that seniors are prioritized for in terms of their graduation and needing computers, so a computer deployment for seniors who were identified at The Center School will end at 7pm tonight at Washington Middle School and Ingraham High School. High school students are next in that deployment, so please respond to the tech survey that has been posted on the website and in the newsletter. The planning is to provide an immediacy of laptop computers to students without computer access or wi-fi as first priority in the next deployment.

    In terms of grading, the District continues to work with OSPI and all stakeholders in constructing expectations around grading guidelines for the upcoming third quarter grades with the deadline extended and for final course grades, so that information will be posted by May 1st and sent to the SPS community. Seniors and TCS students, there are Naviance requirements that the Career Specialist will connect with you on completing. Teachers are taking attendance in class to identify students who are absent to make the connection with students and families. If your student isn’t in online classrooms during the week, please contact their teachers and make those connections. Seniors we support you and your graduation so keep the focus and know that you are at the core of a lot of positive and proactive conversations.

    We are in unprecedented times in terms of teacher instruction and student learning, so it is imperative that everyone understand that as a teacher shared “We are experiencing school closures in terms of school access, not in terms of ongoing learning.” Teachers have worked diligently to create an online school schedule of classroom supports and office hours that will be posted on the website this evening. I share with another staff member, there are still a few scheduling issues to resolve as teachers may change class times to maximize student engagement, so it is still a work-in progress and subject to change so please contact teachers directly with questions or concerns. We are in weekly staff meetings working to serve students and families. I will continue to respond to all emails. We are all responding to a pandemic crisis and its impact and we are all in this together. There is some good news to share. We currently have 264 students enrolled for 2020-2021. Congratulations to everyone for supporting recruitment and retention. Please read the Dragonfire newsletter and the parent link in the TCS website for community resources and staff postings. Have a wonderful spring break everyone. Be safe and stay healthy.

    Good evening.