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    TCS 2018-2019 Yearbook Sale!
    Posted on 06/04/2019
    Yearbook for Sale

    Now's the time to get your copy of...

    TCS 2018-2019 YEARBOOK

    Get your copy of our TCS 2018-2019 Yearbook for your private collection today for just $45.

    The priced goes up to $50 on June 10th, so don't delay! 

    Purchasing Information:

    1.  Order online at SchoolPay (see the link below).
    2.  - OR - Bring a check or ca$h to the Front Desk.

    A yearbook isn't something you're going to casually look through several times a week, but rather something you stumble upon every now and then. Make sure you have your copy with notes from those who are special to you to remember the wonders of your time at The Center School. 

    Why buy your copy of the yearbook?

    1.  It's a collectible; a piece of your history.
    2.  You never know who'll become famous after graduation.
    3.  You'll have an entire year of memories in one book.
    4.  Your future children will laugh at the changes in generations - and, they will!
    5.  It's a piece to smile, laugh and reminisce with down the road.
    6.  You may never be published in another book again.
    7.  You'll have a cherished source of remembrance if you lose contact with someone.
    8.  It can stand the test of time; unlike the digital world that changes consistently.
    9.  It’ll be most assuredly be valuable to you when you are older.
    10. It is about you; YOU are in it!

    Purchase Yearbook @ SchoolPay!