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    The Center School has a number of clubs to choose from. All clubs include an advisor and meet regularly to explore various areas that aspire to enrich our students' academic and personal lives. It's a way for students to get involved with their school, and it provides a means for reaching out to the broader community as well. Get inspired - join others who share an interest!

    Model United Nations

    Advisor: Mr. Bell
    Meets every Thursday at MASH 

    Gay-Straight Alliance

    Advisor: Ms. Peterson
    Meets every Thursday during lunch

    A safe haven for all students of any gender or sexual orientation, to discuss topics relating to gay, lesbian, bi, straight or trans-sexual issues.

    TCS Rhapsody

    Advisor: Ms. Pritchard
    Meets every Monday and Thursday   

    Green Group

    Advisor: Mr. Bell
    Meets every Monday during lunch   

    Improv Club

    Advisor: Ms. Pritchard 
    Meets every Thursday  

    Yearbook Club

    Advisor: Ms. Wyn 
    We take pride in producing our own Center School Yearbook! The Yearbook Club is open to any students (and parents who have skills in Photoshop, InDesign or publishing/printing). We meet periodically at the beginning of the year, and more frequently as the school year progresses: by Spring Break, we’re usually almost living in the computer lab—day and night! Every day is a photo opportunity at The Center School, so students are encouraged to take pictures for the Yearbook.

    The books are sold in May. Pre-orders are encouraged, as the price of the book goes up after delivery. Sometimes, we even run out of books, so watch for ordering periods to guarantee your Yearbook. Cost is around $40, but it will be confirmed.

    Senior parents can purchase a "Congratulations!" ad for their students. Information will be sent home to parents of Seniors in February.

    Musical Theater Club

    Advisor: Ms. Pritchard
    Meets Tuesdays and Fridays after school in room 458, from 3:15-4:30
    Our club's purpose is to put on a show near the end of spring. The choice of the show will be determined by our group. We still need members, so please join!