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    Graduation Requirements

    The Center School's specific course and credit requirements for graduation are:

    Language Arts 4 credits
    Social Studies 4 credits
    Math 3 credits (with Math III)
    Science 3 credits (with Chemistry)
    World Language 2 credits
    Arts/Electives 2.5 credits
    Physical Education (ALC) 1.5 credits (225 hours)
    Health 0.5 credits
    CTE (Career and Tech Ed) 1.5 credits
    Total for TCS Diploma
    22 credits
    Additional Requirements:
    High School Proficiency Exam (HSPE) Must pass (reading, writing, math)
    Community Service 60 hours
    Junior Research Paper yes
    QSR Portfolio yes
    Culminating Project yes
    High School and Beyond Plan yes