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    New TCS Schedule & Welcome Letter
    Posted on 04/15/2021
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    April 15, 2021
    Good afternoon Center School Staff, Students and Families,

    This is Dr. Casey, Principal at The Center School. First, I want to thank everyone for your patience and
    support as we worked in collaborative partnership to build a schedule and cohort model reflective of the
    students and families, we serve in our school community. Today, we received final approval from District
    on our 1 Cohort A Model -in person and Cohort C – Model - remote schedules. I am calling to share our
    new TCS schedule for the remainder of the 2021 school year.

    You can view the new schedule at the bottom of this letter in your Robocall email attachment and in the
    Dragonfire newsletter. Within our 1 Cohort Model, we could only offer a two day in-person learning that
    aligns with the Tentative Agreement that SEA members voted 81% today to ratify a Secondary
    Instructional Model. Although, we have taken a circuitous route in creating a schedule that aligns with
    our vision and mission to empower and inspire all students to positively impact our world, we were
    innovative and inspired in the earlier and current road taken on behalf of students.
    We will combine the 2 Cohort Model (sent by District earlier) of the 63 students attending in-person
    learning into our 1 Cohort Model with students attending classes on campus, starting April 19th and 20
    on Monday/Tuesday each week for in-person learning from 11:55 to 3:50pm. We do understand that
    the traveling window from 11:10-11:55am (lunch and commute) will be tight for students navigating
    transportation from various geographical locations, so breathe into the reality that your students might
    arrive late for the Period 1 and Period 4 in-person classes that begin the afternoon classes on Monday
    and Tuesday. Students will attend remote learning for the remainder of the week. We are here to
    support and welcome them.

    Ms. Webb, Attendance Specialist and Heath Care Support, along with Mr. Doug Frazier, Instructional
    Assistant will be at the Southeast doors of the Armory from 11:45 – 12:20pm to welcome students
    returning to in-person learning on Monday and Tuesday’s. Students receiving free and reduced lunches
    should check in with Ms. Webb or pick up lunches at sites prescribed in the District Robocall. The District
    is preparing a robocall this afternoon to provide additional details to families. Students should complete
    the District attestation form prior to arriving on campus.

    It is important that students adhere to the rules in the behavioral matrix that I sent in last Friday’s
    Robocall in wearing a mask and 6ft social distancing in promoting safety within and beyond the school
    community. Students must bring their school laptop or a laptop to school for ongoing learning. In a few
    classrooms, there will be substitutes for teachers with accommodations who will continue to teach
    remotely. We have three teachers who will communicate this information to their students on Monday,
    the 19th during the morning remote learning schedule.

    As we navigate into our 2021 school closure, we do so as a strong and resilient school community
    ensuring the most dynamic and transformational school engagement for our students and families. We
    can and must do this together. Thank you everyone…we are strong and powerful together. Welcome
    TCS community. Enjoy the rest of your Spring Break.

    Dr. Barbara Casey